Your Kaos Organised

Your Kaos Organised

I needed to redo my website as it was 6 years old, stale and I wasn’t able to update any content. I also wanted a cleaner more modern looking website that better represented what my business is about which is removing the clutter to create time and space in your life.

I had engaged two other website designers before coming to Sam at Bad Hat Harry. They were unable to grasp the concept behind my business and the look I was trying to achieve with my website and why I wanted that particular feel for my website. After a 30 minute discussion with Sam she just got it! Sam understood what I was trying to achieve and why it was important to me and my business. She also had a fantastic understanding of who my core client base was and what I would need to do to make my website both appealing and functional for potential clients.

To say I am happy is an understatement. The website is just what I was hoping for and more. I help people declutter and organise their homes and having a website full of “stuff” is anti to what I am about. So having a functional, informative, appealing and importantly for me a clutter free website is awesome.

I have had several inquires through the website already and the feedback from clients has been great. “Uncluttered and easy to navigate”, “Has just the right amount of information without being overwhelming” “Restful” are just some of the feedback I received.

I love that I can change things myself though I am a bit scared. The cheat sheet Sam did is great and easy to follow. I have changed one thing already and it worked a treat so who knows what’s next! That said, Sam is happy to do some things for me to ensure continuity which again is important to me.

I have already recommended Sam to someone else and the feedback I received from him after just one chat with Sam was great. He like me had used others and they just couldn’t get it right. So yes I would definitely recommend Sam at Bad Hat Harry to anyone who wants a website that truly represents their business.

Katrina Gleave, Owner, Your Kaos Organised |