Good Web Design is more than just being “on Google”

Web design helps your potential customers become customers.

Good web design will give your business an effective website that will find your audience, by coming up in their search results at the time they are looking for the solutions you offer.

Because websites are like a 24/7 reception desk for your business – and a lot of your customers and potential customers visit your website before they visit your shopfront. It is often how they judge who you are, what you do and how you do it.

Your potential customers are visiting your site to find a solution to the problem that they need solved. If you don’t answer that question in the first few seconds, when they land on your page, in most instances they won’t stay. They will bounce over to the next search result to find what they are looking for.

We write good copy and we write it to answer those questions quickly for your potential customers, and we write it for Google to rank you well by using good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) practices.

We can develop a site plan, based on your business priorities, that will address your target audience directly. You want the site to coming up in the Google search results pages for the key problems you solve via the services and products you provide. We then design the elements and copy which will engage your visitors, answers their problems and engage them in actions which prompt them to become your new customer.

And whether you are selling products or services, needing e-commerce solutions or a simple web presence so your customers can find you on Google, EVERY business needs a website. And it needs to look great and work well on whatever device they are using to view it.

And Bad Hat Harry can help.

Bad Hat Harry rabbit out of a hat
Why choose Web design by Bad Hat Harry?

We build long-term relationships

Not only do we build beautiful, responsive and effective websites. But we build long-term relationships with our clients and their brand and their message. Our clients come back to us because we are good, not because they have no choice.

Plus, we are in small business too and we have been burned by proprietorial businesses doing things on our behalf and then demanding we pay to access our own information. When we set up your accounts or services, we do them in your name. You own them. We will bill you for our time and expertise, but in the end, they are yours.

We also believe that the best results in Google come from sites that are kept fresh and updated, so we can teach you, and your staff, how to add to and grow your new website yourself, in-house, without coming back to us for expensive updates all the time.

Get in touch to discuss your new or refreshed website plans to discover how Bad Hat Harry can help.


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