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Rebranding: Coffs Harbour

Why consider a rebrand?

Is it time to up your game? It is time to re-grab their attention by re-telling the story about your business?

Every now and then, every business should consider refreshing their branding. Reassessing what they are doing, what their product range is, who their target audience is and what differentiates them from their competition. Refreshing their branding can refresh their position in the marketplace, can boost sales and market share. And your brand is never a finished product – if it doesn’t evolve, neither will your bottom line. We can help with that.

When is the right time to rebrand?

But we have also met so many business people who are embarrassed that they didn’t invest in a good logo at the start of their business. As a result, they are stuck with a logo they hate on everything they look at and they don’t know how to fix the problem.

Their logos and some or all of their branded assets (logo, website, signage, stationery etc) don’t reflect what they do well, and more importantly they sometimes send exactly the wrong message.

So, if your branding repels your target market by telling them that you are:

  • cheap when you want to say the opposite,
  • or that you are super laid back when you want to be super professional,
  • or super corporate when you want to be seen as an environmentally friendly community organisation

 – perhaps it is time for a makeover?

Because if you know you aren’t making a great first impression, or if you know it is time to refresh a tired brand to grow your business, then call in the Business Branding Makeover artists – Bad Hat Harry.

Where to start

A rebrand may just be one marketing asset that you need overhauled.

For instance, if your website was built on the cheap and it looks like a dog’s breakfast. If that asset isn’t reflecting what you do, how you do it and effectively telling your customers, as soon as they arrive, how you can solve their problems, then it time for a Business Website Makeover. It doesn’t need to cost a fortune, but a bad website is costing you a fortune anyway.

We have worked with dozens of businesses in the same position you are in – and trust us, it is never too late to make a better first impression.

Like any branding or design project, we like to take the time to KNOW YOUR BUSINESS. Because it is important it reflects your goals, your target markets, your priorities – and YOUR BRAND – your language, your tone, your look and style – you can trust us to build your marketing assets piece by piece.

If this is a rebrand project, we need to carefully map out all the current places your brand needs to be changed. If need be, we can stagger the project, so we just change one marketing asset at a time to stick within the timeframe that suits you and your budget. But no matter how big or small the project is, a rebrand is a great opportunity to re-assess your goals and find a whole new audience. Because it is a chance to reshape your presence in the marketplace, take up more of that real estate and talk to a whole section of potential customers that may have dismissed you when they first saw your old brand.

Why choose Bad Hat Harry to be your branding experts?

Bad Hat Harry has built its whole business around being a trusted advisor for our business branding clients.  We are part of your team. Because we know your business, your customers and your brand, we make effective communication materials that deliver powerful results and transform your business message. Get in touch and let’s talk about rebranding your business.


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