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Marketing: Coffs Harbour

Does the word “Marketing” fill you with dread?

You have a great product/service but not sure how to tell the world about it? Talk to Bad Hat Harry because we can take the scary bits out of the answer to that question.

The words Marketing Strategy are enough to give a lot of small business owners in Coffs Harbour the shakes. You are not alone if you feel that you are good at the business you are in – but your marketing skills only extend to buying an ad here or there when the ad-reps call, because it is the easiest way to feel like you are “doing marketing”.

But are you wasting your money, talking to the wrong target audience or saying the wrong thing? Is the artwork and ad copy telling people what they need to know to choose your business instead of your competitors’ product or service?

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Is your competition doing a better job?

Strategy can make a big difference to your bottom line.

The truth about the Mid-North Coast is that a lot of businesses don’t have the time or feel they have the resources to do marketing and branding well. (Which also means it is easy to stand out in your field by doing it well, because most of them aren’t doing it well!) And hiring staff for a marketing department and all those associated expenses can be an expensive exercise. The answer…

Outsource your marketing

Your solution is to have an outsourced marketing department.

At Bad Hat Harry we develop long-term relationships with our clients. We learn about their business, their business priorities, their target audience, their goals and their brand, so we can develop effective strategies and communication tools to build their businesses.

Which is a fancy way of saying that these clients have an inhouse team which is outsourced. At Bad Hat Harry we work on short-term projects, on a project by project basis, charged at an hourly or project rate – but with the long-term goals in mind.

Every asset we design (logo, stationery, signage, website etc) is built with your business goals and your marketing strategy in mind. One piece at a time, with strategy and branding at the centre of every graphic design and decision we recommend.

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Develop a marketing plan

Taking the time to develop a proper marketing strategy and outlining a plan of action can be an expensive exercise, compared to just throwing another ad in the paper, but what if every ad you put in the paper was a part of the plan? Would it be more effective? Could it convert customers more effectively? Will it reach your target audience if we put the ad in a different publication? Because perhaps if we used strategy, or different images, messages or calls to action an investment in marketing will give you a better return on your efforts.

We think we can help.

Good marketing strategy with Bad Hat Harry

Strategy helps you reach your potential customers and communicate more effectively when you tell them about the great product or service you are offering them. We build that first impression to create maximum memory burn. Because we do it by strategy and by design.

At Bad Hat Harry, we can take the scary out of “marketing and branding”. Whatever your budget is, we can recommend solutions that will maximise your brand promise and maximise the opportunities to make the best first impression from now on.

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