Logo Design: why you should hire a graphic designer to create your new logo.

Logo design fails are a waste of your money and undoing them can be an expensive exercise.

These days there are lots of logo design options to buy your new logo.

There are free logo design generators online. Online vendors who will tender for your business and charge you only $5 for their efforts. And then there is always your cousin Jimmy who has a computer and likes to draw.

Will any of those solutions give you a great start on branding your business and finding your place in a crowded marketplace of competitors? Does it work on your car, shopfront, uniform, website and stationery? Is the colour be reproduce-able in all those formats? And can you get a long version of the logo, a stacked version, a landscape or portrait version? A black and white version?

Your business might look cheap and amateur if you use the logo done by your cousin Jimmy. Because the logo is/was cheap and amateur. How will that reflect the values of your brand? Will it convey the message you want, or will it look like you spent $5 on your logo? Believe me, the result of skimping on logo design means your potential customer can tell when you took the cheap option or got Jimmy to do it. And it speaks volumes about your business.

Bad Hat Harry rabbit out of a hat
Why choose Bad Hat Harry?

When you decide to invest in your “brand” you are looking for the right business to create effective communications with your target market. Don’t waste your budget on a bargain-basement solution or a glitzy big city agency with all the bells and whistles (and all the overheads you end up paying for).

Bad Hat Harry can offer you more bang for your buck and we believe it is an investment worth making. (check out our Logo Design portfolio below)

How we work – Logo Design

1. Meeting: We discuss your business and what you need. And make sure Bad Hat Harry can help. We can “meet” or talk via email, on the phone, in person or on Zoom. And this first chat is free! (book one here)

2. The Brief: We agree on a “brief”- what you need your logo to say about you, your business, what you do and how you do it. What you like and don’t like, what you want and don’t want.

3. First Drafts through to Final Design: Once the brief has been agreed upon, we come up with a set of first logo design drafts. This includes 4 or 5 designs to get the process started. Your feedback will determine the path we follow, but usually we go through 3-4 drafts until we finalise a mark (logo) you love and that will fulfill your brief.

4. Style Guide and Suite of Logos: We also design secondary/tertiary options for your new logo – a portrait and a landscape version, a version that will work in hard-to-mark places, online, small, reversed-out or black and white versions. We ensure that these will all work well wherever you need them and can be reproduced easily.

5. Handover: We provide you with a suite of logo files, a style guide (including the, now, official fonts and colours of your brand) and provide you with whatever help or training you need to use these files.

6. Rollout: If you need more than just a logo we can deliver a complete brand. This includes the design and rollout of stationery, signage, copywriting, website and marketing collateral etc. Whatever you need to tell the world about your new business or product.


For refreshing design, without the disco, call for Sam at Bad Hat Harry today.