Design a logo that becomes an asset

Logo Design: is it an investment worth making?

Don’t be a dill and end up with a daggy logo that you regret.

The initial investment might be a chunk of your start up funds, but it is an investment you shouldn’t skimp on – coz you really can’t afford to get it wrong. The result of good logo design is an asset that will take your business into the future with pride and success.

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Why you should hire a graphic designer to create your new logo?

Logo fails are a waste of your money and undoing them can be an expensive exercise.

These days there are lots of options on how to get a new logo. There are free logo generators online. Online vendors who will tender for your business and charge you only $5 for their efforts. And then there is always your cousin Jimmy who has a computer and likes to draw.

Will any of those solutions give you a great start on branding your business and finding your place in a crowded marketplace of competitors? Does it work on your car, shopfront, uniform, website and stationery? Is the colour be reproduce-able in all those formats? And can you get a long version of the logo, a stacked version, a landscape or portrait version? A black and white version?

Your business might look cheap and amateur if you use the logo done by your cousin Jimmy. Because the logo is/was cheap and amateur. How will that reflect the values of your brand? Will it convey the message you want, or will it look like you spent $5 on your logo? Believe me, the result of skimping on logo design means your potential customer can tell when you took the cheap option or got Jimmy to do it. And it speaks volumes about your business.

A logo design fail can be expensive

I can make all sorts of arguments about why a professional designer is the way to go. But, in my opinion, the one that will hurt you the most is in your hip pocket.

Your logo will be carried across all the marketing assets you will need to develop for your brand (website, signage, uniforms, stationery, ads etc etc) over the next couple of years. It is the mark that will represent you and your business for at least the next couple of years. And undoing it, or rebranding can be an expensive exercise. INVEST IN A GREAT LOGO IN THE FIRST PLACE and all the elements that you develop subsequently will

  1. ALL look more professional
  2. Take into consideration all your brand and business priorities
  3. Convey the message, personality and brand you want to deliver every time a potential customer sees it
  4. Reflect how seriously you take your business
  5. Fit you into the exact place you want to take within the market you are competing for business in
  6. Appeal directly to your target market and make exactly the right impression on them about your business offering and value
  7. A good designer will take into consideration all the uses your logo may need to perform for at least the first 2 years of your business. And give you the options and flexibility to make sure every asset is strongly branded
  8. Provide you with a suite of logos to use in various formats (long, wide, tall, black and white etc) that you can use and still look great wherever the logo must work

Why you should choose Bad Hat Harry?

  1. We create great Graphic Design (see the portfolio)
  2. Choose Bad Hat Harry because we do more than just design a logo. We help you build a brand.

And when you decide to invest in your “brand” you are looking for the right business to create effective communications with your target market. Don’t waste your budget on a budget solution or a glitzy big city agency with all the bells and whistles (and all the overheads you end up paying for). Bad Hat Harry can offer you more bang for your buck and we believe it is an investment worth making.

So, don’t be a dill and end up with a daggy logo that you regret and a brand that doesn’t sing. The initial investment might be a chunk of your start up funds, but it is an investment you really can’t afford to get wrong. And that logo will be an asset to take your business into the future with pride and success. Promise. Call or contact Sam at Bad Hat Harry if you want to discuss designing a new logo or a makeover logo for your business.


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