Your brand is an asset you should invest in

Good Graphic Design: Helps your business get noticed for the right reasons!

Graphic design is the process of creating artwork to convey a message. SEND THE RIGHT ONE!

At Bad Hat Harry, we can create artwork to convey the messages you need to send for your business. We do great design – check out the graphic design portfolio on the right – but we also create effective communication with every item we are commissioned to create.

We create an “identity” for your business and the design any materials you need to convey your message.

At Bad Hat Harry, we believe there is a lot more to design than laying out a flyer or a business card. An “identity” for your business speaks for who you are, what you do and how you do it, when you are not there to explain who you are, what you do and how you do it.


Save Sawtell Cinema | logo design

Our Specialties

Our team can create graphic design for:

Logo Design

The logo design is the first step. It is almost always the first impression that prospective clients will get of your business. Our logo design will help you make a great first impression!

And we supply a Style Guide with every logo design, plus a set of logo files that you can use or send to other suppliers (signage and uniform makers are prime examples).

Sew What | logo design

We can design for anything your business needs…

We can help you develop any other marketing assets your business needs, all in one go, or one asset at a time, depending on your needs, budget and timetable. Whether it be the smallest label to a catalog hundreds of pages long, your success depends on that marketing asset effectively communicating exactly what you need it to, to your target audience.

Why use a graphic design studio based in Coffs Harbour? Because our overheads are much lower than big city studios and we can afford to charge lower hourly or project rates than you would expect to pay anywhere else. With easy communication possible through Skype and the NBN, you can work with us wherever you are, and maximise your communications budget.

Why invest in your business brand?

Does Good Graphic Design really make a difference to the success of my business?

We work with new or existing businesses who know their “brand” is one of their most valuable assets and they know the importance of making a great first impression.

Your business is competing for customers and sales within your marketplace. Your competitors have staked out their position within your marketplace. If you want to find your place, your target audience and grow your share of the sales, you ought to do “branding” and “marketing” on purpose. Your Brand is one of the main vehicles to deliver your message to them, and for them to assess you, what you offer and your ability to solve their problems. Ignore the development of good branding at your own peril.

When you decide to invest in your “brand” and are looking for the right business to create effective communications with your target market, don’t waste your budget on a budget solution or a glitzy big city agency with all the bells and whistles (and all the overheads you end up paying for). Bad Hat Harry can offer you more bang for your buck and we believe it is an investment worth making.

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