Is your branding working for you or against you?

Business Branding: Coffs Harbour

Is your business getting noticed for the right reasons?

Every time a potential customer encounters your business – each branding touchpoint – needs to make the right impression, send the right message, and tell a great story about what you do and what you promise to deliver. Coffs Harbour… Your success converting a potential customer into a customer depends on Good Business Branding!

Business Branding is a term a lot of design agencies will use to bamboozle you (and probably charge you an arm and a leg to analyse or develop). But, at Bad Hat Harry, we take Business Branding into account with every task, from the tiniest design job to the largest client.


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What does branding mean?

Your brand is every element you use to tell potential customers what you do and how you do it. It is more than just a logo or a business card. It is built one element at a time (from the initial conversation we have about your business) through to designing (or re-designing) a logo, or marketing assets like a website or stationery or signage. It covers the style we develop, the words we write and the messages we convey. And on and on…

Branding is not just a luxury big business can afford. Your business is already doing branding and if you don’t work with marketing professionals who treat your brand as an asset which needs to be defined, developed and built, some or all of your marketing materials will not be singing the right tune. For people to hear your “song” just right, every element needs to sing from the same songsheet.

Good business branding

It’s essential to tell your target market why they ought to choose your business and not your competitors.

Elements of your brand that you need to consider are the visual elements (logo, colours, imagery), the communicative elements (the language and tone you use to convey your brand “personality”, the way you ask people to buy your product/service) and the invisible elements (the heart, the personality, the reputation and the place you define for your business within your industry).

It extends to the place you want to carve out for your business within the market, your target audience, your values and morals, your history and your future. It carries weight and it carries the essence of your business. And it is best done by design not by accident!

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Maximise the impact of your first impression

Because we believe business branding doesn’t need to cost an absolute mint. But developing your business “brand” can either be done:
1. strategically, by design
2. or by accident
3. or on the cheap

Doing it by accident or on the cheap, chances are you will not be maximising every first impression you make. We believe in making sure every aspect of every job is done by design with your business brand at the centre of every design and marketing choice we make.


A touchpoint is every element a customer touches when they come into contact with your business – from a sign on your building, to your listing on Google, to the way you answer the phone. Every touchpoint makes an impression about who you are, what you do and how you do it. Why would you not want to make the RIGHT impression every time?

Every touchpoint that is between you and your potential customer/client needs to tell the truth about what your business does, how you do it and whether you can offer a solution to their problem. And it needs to make you stand out in the marketplace you operate in, to attract the right customers, to solve their problems and tell them clearly how you intend to do that.

If your branding evolves on the cheap or by accident – maybe with a daggy logo you bought 15 years ago, cheap and nasty business cards, signage that looks tatty and unloved or a website your cousin Jimmy built on the cheap – are you losing opportunities that good branding could grab?

Before & After: Pestec
Taurus Energy | Business Branding

Why choose Bad Hat Harry to be your branding experts?

When you are starting a new business, the business brand is a blank slate we can draw the right message on. If you have a brand you think needs a makeover – we are the specialists to call. It is never too early or too late to make your business brand a more valuable asset, that is working for you, not against you.

And your business brand is an investment. It will deliver your business into the busy marketplace you are competing in and that is worth doing right. There is value in what is stands for, so invest in something to be proud of.

Bad Hat Harry can take the mystery out of Business Branding. Whether you already have a successful brand you need marketing assets for, to grow and prosper – OR you have a business brand you suspect might be working against you by being daggy or amateur, or sending the wrong messages… we can help. Give Sam at Bad Hat Harry a call or drop us a line, to discuss how we can help your business.

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