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Developing your business “brand” can either be done:
1. on purpose
2. or by accident
3. or on the cheap

If you do it by accident or on the cheap, chances are you will not be maximising every first impression you make.

Do Word docs covered in clip art or logos and websites “designed” by your nephew Jimmy send the right message to your clients about how seriously you take your business and what you do and how you do it? Do you think you can’t afford real marketing strategy and professional graphic design to build your brand? Chances are it shows.

But can you afford not to make the investment in a great first impression?

Planning the impression you can make, within your budget, is what we do.

An example of business branding
A before and after example of one of our business branding projects.

For New Businesses

We are First Impressionists for your new businesses – which is the most important time to “invest” in establishing your Business DNA and how to express that in everything you do.

Every time a potential customer comes into contact with your business – each touchpoint – needs to make the right impression, needs to send the right message, needs to tell a great story about what you do and what you promise to deliver. We don’t just “do you a logo and a flyer” we take your whole picture, every bit of your Business DNA into account and encourage and engage you in the process of building your business brand.

And we don’t cost a fortune!

For Existing Businesses

For existing businesses, we work within your budget and timeframes to strengthen and develop the Business DNA you have already established. Whether you need to produce simple marketing collateral like “can you make me a flyer” or you need to set sail into an entire rebrand. We will discuss the brand you have already developed and what you would like it to become – to either nudge it in the right direction or revamp its entire personality and launch your business into a new trajectory.

Because every touchpoint is being judged by your potential clients. If your competitors make a better first impression, then your brand is not working for you but against you.

Can you afford not to make a great first impression?

If you take your business seriously, your “brand” is one of your most valuable assets. If it is done professionally, it will pay better dividends than if you hand the job over to Jimmy to save your business dollars.

And at Bad Hat Harry, we take your business as seriously as you do.

If we can do this for you, within your budget, what is it worth to you? We think it’s an investment you can’t afford not to make.

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